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A written Resumé, or CV, tells a lot about you. If it’s not well written, there’s a huge possibility you may not be achieving your full potential with your job searches. Employers and recruiters can be very picky, and it’s not your fault that sometimes they just can’t comprehend what you are trying to say in your CV. 

Professional CV Writing Process

The professional CV writing process starts by us understanding what kind of job you would like to apply for. The idea of the job you want does not have to be perfect, but helps us to write your CV. We then request the necessary information from you to write your CV and let you know what we specifically think will help you have a most professional CV.

Recruiters in New Zealand, Australia and overseas find that a professional CV allows them to quickly identify why you are a great candidate for the job. Most customers also have us write them a cover letter at the same time. The work we do is editable in Microsoft Word so you can keep the files for life. You can also convert your CV on your computer to PDF format.

CV Writing Service NZ

Professional Design

Professionally designed and templated Resumés, CVs and cover letters

Prior Experience

We carefully write about your prior experience to employers, and get them interested in you

MS Word

Documents that are specifically targeted for the jobs you want, and unlocked in MS Word - so you keep them for life

Experienced Writers

One of our genuine, Kiwi-smart writers will be experienced in your industry, e.g. business, government, IT, education, health, tourism, architecture, science,

Professional Resume

Employers prefer to read professional resume's because they are easier to understand, and are in the format they prefer.

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Rob Johns


People who use our service get called in for interviews, and have more than one job to choose from. That means, higher pay, choosing a job that is easier to home, and finding a job with better career prospects.



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